Classroom Sketches

In 10th grade, I had to a paper which required finding a picture of what I thought Richard Wright might look like. I was in a hurry and found a picture really quick. But did this really only deserve a D- ? If you don't know who Richard Wright is...READ A BOOK!!!!

I made a sketch of an art instructor I had at Hartnell. And here's some answers I gave on one of his exams, which were worth so many points I swear he used scientific notation to find our grade. I'm not kidding. I think each question was worth 5.5x10 to the 3rd power.

Jeff and I found a pamphlet on feeding your baby. We converted it for Phil, who we thought would be needing it shortly. Years later, we have a combined 7 kids and he has none. Go figure.

In a C++ programming class, Tommy turned this in as his answer to what data abstraction is. I swear to God he got full credit for this crap. In the same class I tried to take notes on what the teacher was writing on the board. I wrote exactly how the teacher put it on the board. I defy you to decipher the 2nd argument of the insert function.

I took a calculus with trig class. I think this was my highest scoring quiz.

John spent around $130.00 on a TI-82 instead of a TI-85 calculator, which cost less and was considerably more powerful. Here's the TI-82's complete instruction manual.

In an English class, I was to narrate how to do a process. This got me the remark, "Not reflective of your best work". I don't know what the hell the teacher was thinking.

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